"Banyan was wonderful. This case was intricate and included a lot of people and other cases, and inspite of all that, she focused on my needs and fought for me to have justice and closure to this excruciating chapter in my life. She was professional in our dealings, yet warm and very personable. I appreciate that she personally called me when she found out that my case closed, that was very appreciated rather than just a impersonal letter in the mail. As a woman in a typically male dominated field, I believe that Banyan does a phenomenal job at standing out and making her voice heard in a respectable matter. I could not have asked for a better person to stand beside me as I fought my case, and I would like her to know that I appreciate every minute she devoted to making sure I had justice in the end." - B.R.

"The DA offered 25 years to life, but I switched attorneys and you guys were able to negotiate a misdemeanor with credit for time served! I'm gonna refer your law firm to everybody!" - J.R.

"I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work and I couldn't be happier with the outcome of the expungement. I truly appreciate all that you do, and for that, I thank you!" - M.S.

"I appreciate all that you did for me. I will gladly refer your company."- L.L.

"Your staff was so wonderful during our personal injury case!" - J.A.

"The DA was looking to strike me out but Roy did the legwork to knock down the evidence so now I'll be able to go back home to my family." - J.M.

"Rather than face embarrassing charges in court, Hansen & Miller worked it out so I could do some community service and no case would be filed; I get to keep my job!" - E.G.

"Roy went to war for me though a long preliminary hearing and then won a motion to have the whole case thrown out before trial. They are worth every penny." - I.D.

"I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you helping me out. It's not very common for an attorney to take time out of their busy schedule to help a college student with a potential domestic violence charge! I will never forget what you did, thank you so much!" - P.C.

"I know who I'm going to call if the law comes calling, it's the Big Dogs — Monte and Roy!" - B.H.