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Drivers’ failure to look for motorcyclists causes serious accidents

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

When driving down the highway in Northern California, there can be many sites for drivers to see. Aside from the rolling hills, vibrant communities, and amazing vistas that present themselves around each turn, drivers also must be sure that they are paying attention to road conditions, other motorists, and traffic laws. When drivers allow their focus to be compromised and for distractions to affect them, accidents can happen.

One way that accidents involving motorcycles happen in the Santa Rosa area is through driver inattentiveness. Many drivers fail to take the time to check for motorcycles when they are changing lanes and making other roadway maneuvers. This post will look at how drivers’ failure to look out for motorcyclists can result in serious accidents, but readers are reminded that this post does not provide any legal advice.

Driving distractions

Distracted driving is a problem in California and all over the country. A distracted driver is a driver who lets their attention focus on something other than driving while behind the wheel of their vehicle. Distracted drivers cause accidents with motorcyclists and other drivers alike.

Distracted driving is dangerous for motorcyclists because they are relatively small compared to other vehicles. A distracted driver can miss any type of automobile while out on the roads, but a small profile vehicle like a motorcycle may be easier to miss because of its size. When approaching an apparently distracted driver, motorcyclists should be aware of giving them space.

Visual recognition

Aside from distractions, drivers can fail to see motorcycles for another reason: visual recognition. Visual recognition has to do with what a driver expects to see when they are on the road. Often drivers expect to see other cars, signs, and even construction. Because motorcycles are relatively uncommon, drivers do not always look for them in their expected sightings and miss them even when there are apparent and near.

Drivers have a responsibility to operate with care when they are behind the wheels of their cars. When they allow distractions to affect them, or when they do not observe their surroundings as they should, they can cause dangerous accidents. Motor vehicle accident attorneys can support victims in their efforts to recover their damages.