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Roads are said to be getting more dangerous in the area near Sonoma

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

While Sonoma and Napa are well known and popular because of their prominence in the wine industry and as nice places to visit, there are other areas in the vicinity where people like to congregate. Often, they are rural and do not have the infrastructure to maximize safety. Due to that growing popularity, many are unprepared for the uptick in traffic. This can lead to danger with auto accidents, injuries and death. A recent accident in Penngrove is stoking concern.

Traffic study ongoing and gains urgency after pedestrian accident

A recent accident that happened in the evening at around 8 p.m. cost one man his life and seriously injured a woman. A vehicle heading north crashed into them as they tried to cross a road. The area was hosting a benefit concert and it was in a location where there is a lack of crosswalks and safe places to cross.

This occurred just months after a Sonoma County Board of Supervisors’ study got underway to analyze traffic safety and how to better serve the community. Residents have been promoting advanced safety measures.

A noted problem is the spike in traffic and higher speed limits. Since Penngrove does not have what is deemed to be sufficient traffic stops to suit pedestrians, this is a specific aspect that is being studied. Reducing congestion and adding intersections are recommendations that have been presented.

Accidents in Sonoma and the surrounding areas warrant local and professional help

When there is an auto accident, it is understandable that those who were injured and the families of people who lost their lives will look at driver behavior first and foremost. That includes determining if they were speeding, were under the influence, were reckless or were distracted. There are other reasons why accidents occur and they too must be considered.

If the road itself was unsafe for people, it was not sufficiently lighted, stop signs and traffic lights were lacking or the general infrastructure lent itself to collisions, this too must be considered. After any accident, for help with pursuing compensation for all that was lost and will be needed in the future, it is wise to have assistance from professionals who are established in the area and can give personal guidance with a case.