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Auto size and design puts people – especially kids – at risk

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

When talking about auto accidents in California and across the nation, there are common causes that are up for discussion. Driver behavior and violating the law are most often mentioned. However, an understated contributing issue with accidents, catastrophic injuries and fatalities is the design of the automobiles themselves. Researchers and safety advocates are lamenting the growing size of automobiles in the U.S. When there is an accident, this should be assessed as a potential cause when deciding what to do.

Blind spots and vehicle weight are making accidents worse

According to an NBC News assessment of accident data, approximately 64 children lost their lives in 2016 when they were hit by a vehicle from the front. This contradicts the perception that vehicles backing up is the biggest risk. While newer vehicles are generally equipped with a rear camera for the driver in the cabin to see who is behind them and automatic braking, those in larger vehicles have trouble seeing people – especially smaller people like children – in front of them.

From 2016 to 2020, around 744 children died in front-end crashes. These often happen not on the road, but in parking lots and driveways. Most involved a pickup or an SUV. With the numbers getting progressively worse, there is concern that not enough is being done to improve safety and address this problem.

Lawmakers have proposed that motor vehicles have mandatory blind spot safety installed. This is comparable to the 15-year-old law which made rear blind zone safety features mandatory. After that, the number of fatalities with vehicles moving forward surpassed those moving backward. The size of vehicles has also been growing exponentially. Between 2000 and 2018, it rose by one-quarter. They are also heavier making the severity of the accident worse when it happens.

Help may be needed to understand how to proceed after an auto accident

Assessing all the potential reasons why an accident happened and how the vehicle itself could have made the aftermath worse is essential when deciding on the litany of options available. Because medical expenses can be exorbitant with the treatment and aftercare necessary after a crash; since people’s livelihoods are negatively affected by long-term damage; and with the possibility of losing a loved one, every avenue must be considered. That includes what type of automobile was involved in the collision.

The roads are going to be busy with the holiday season approaching. There will be tourists in Sonoma and Napa, shoppers will permeate the streets and roads, and travelers will be going back and forth. This sets the stage for a spike in auto accidents. When there has been a crash, calling for professional advice is imperative to decide what to do.