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Causes of back and neck injuries among construction workers

On Behalf of | May 28, 2024 | Personal Injury |

Construction work is physically demanding. As such, it commonly involves tasks that sometimes lead to severe back and neck injuries. When these traumas occur, the impact is often devastating.

Recognizing the most common scenarios leading to these injuries does much to protect workers from related harm.

Heavy lifting

People who earn a living in construction move weighty materials such as bricks, cement bags and steel beams from one location to another. Incorrect lifting techniques or picking up objects that are too heavy can strain the muscles and ligaments in the neck and back. Over time, this activity can lead to chronic pain and long-term disabilities.

Repetitive motions

Sometimes, construction workers must perform the same tasks repeatedly, including hammering, drilling, and sawing. Such motions sometimes cause injuries, especially when in combination with poor posture or inadequate breaks. Over time, the constant strain on muscles and joints may lead to physical problems.

Falls and slips

Construction workers are often at risk of taking a tumble from great heights. Also, slips on wet or uneven surfaces can cause sudden, jarring movements that harm the back or neck. Wearing appropriate footwear and using safety harnesses helps reduce these possibilities.

Vehicle accidents

Operating heavy machinery requires careful attention and expertise. Collisions, rollovers and sudden stops can lead to whiplash or other neck troubles. Ensuring that vehicles get proper maintenance helps protect against accidents of this variety.

Those in charge of construction sites should make their employees as safe as possible. When they take proactive steps such as supplying ergonomic tools and providing safety training, their workforces enjoy better odds of remaining healthy and happy.