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Providing Information That Can Help Accident Survivors

At Hansen & Miller Law Firm, we understand that going through a serious accident can leave you with more questions than answers. That is why we are here to help. From our office in Santa Rosa, we work with clients in the surrounding metro area who have experienced severe personal injuries.

You have already taken a major step: going on the internet to research injury lawyers. On this page, we have taken the time to answer some of the questions that we hear most frequently from our prospective clients.

When should I contact a personal injury attorney?

The sooner you contact a lawyer, the better. After an accident, whether it is a car crash or a slip-and-fall, your insurer will likely reach out to you to ask some questions and get a statement. Do not speak to any insurance representatives without a lawyer present. Insurance companies have ways of getting you to admit liability so they do not have to pay the full amount that you deserve. Before you communicate with your insurer, get help from an attorney.

What kinds of cases do personal injury lawyers handle?

As injury attorneys, we handle a full spectrum of accident and injury cases. Some common examples include:

  • Car accidents
  • Semi-truck accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Bicycle and pedestrian accidents
  • Slip-and-falls
  • Animal attacks
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Fractured bones
  • Wrongful death

Having handled so many complex cases, we understand the process inside and out. Whatever type of injury you suffered, our lawyers can help you.

Are personal injury lawyers worth it?

Wholeheartedly, yes. Without a personal injury attorney, you are left to navigate the insurance claims process and the legal process on your own. Although this is possible, you face numerous challenges involving red tape, complex paperwork, legalese and other obstacles. If you make an error, it can prove even more expensive to fix than if you had hired a lawyer in the first place. Not to mention that when insurance companies realize that you have hired representation, they instantly know that you are serious about recovering maximum compensation.

What compensation can I receive in a personal injury settlement?

Some of the damages for which you may seek compensation include:

  • Hospital visits
  • Doctor appointments
  • Rehabilitative therapy
  • Prescription medication
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of earning potential
  • Pain and suffering
  • Automobile repairs

We have helped thousands of clients in California recover compensation through settlements or awards. No matter how complex your accident, our team does not give up until we feel confident that we have achieved the best outcome available.

Get More Information From A Lawyer

The more you understand the law and your rights, the more you can feel prepared for the future after an accident. Our personal injury attorneys at Hansen & Miller Law Firm have the in-depth legal knowledge to help you. Reach out to us to schedule an initial consultation about your next steps. To contact us, call 707-575-1040 or send us an email.