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Whether you are facing criminal charges or a lengthy recovery, we possess the experience, knowledge and skills you need to achieve a positive outcome.

Led by partners, Monte L. Hansen, who draws upon his U.S. Marine toughness and decades of trial experience, and Roy E. Miller, who previously worked as a criminal prosecutor, our team of accomplished attorneys are dedicated to helping you minimize the personal and financial losses you face after an arrest or personal injury.

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Our Areas Of Practice

Personal Injury

Fighting to obtain the compensation you deserve.

Criminal Defense

Former prosecutors who understand how the other side thinks.

Fire Litigation

Local Justice for the destruction caused by wildfires.

Former Prosecutors Who Aggressively Defend Your Rights

In criminal law cases, we employ first-rate investigative resources and proven defense strategies to protect your constitutional rights and your freedom. We understand the importance of strategic planning, skilled negotiation and meticulous trial preparation.

Our criminal defense lawyers are former prosecutors who can anticipate and frustrate the state’s agenda. We represent clients charged in both state and federal court, and can help if you have been arrested for or learn you are the target of a criminal investigation.

Since 2004, we have helped defend clients against drunk driving and drug charges, sex crimes, white-collar crimes and violent crimes. We’re also here for your family when your underage child faces trouble with the law. Facing criminal charges can be frightening, but a good defense strategy can lessen or eliminate the long-term consequences.

Fearlessly Fighting The Insurance Companies So You Can Focus On Recovery

When it comes to personal injury matters, our attorneys seek maximum compensation on behalf of people who have suffered injuries due to the negligence and wrongdoing of others. You may be compensated for missed work, medical bills and more. We help people who have suffered injuries and losses related to car and truck accidents, slip-and-fall injuries and wrongful death.

We strive to hold negligent parties accountable and have built a strong reputation by obtaining many successful trial verdicts and achieving numerous favorable settlements for our clients. Accidents can strike anyone and anytime and anywhere. If another party’s negligence injures you, we will fight for the compensation you need for recovery.

Meet Our Attorneys

Monte L. Hansen

Monte L. Hansen

Roy E. Miller

Roy E. Miller

Banyan Parker

Banyan Parker
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Flexibly Serving Your Legal Needs

If you are confined to a jail cell or a serious injury limits your ability to travel, one of our skilled attorneys can arrange to come to you. Call us today at 707-575-1040 to schedule your free initial consultation. We’re available evenings and weekends by appointment.

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