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More than 60 Years of Combined Experience in Serving the Legal Needs of People throughout Northern California.

Protecting Your Rights In All Serious Drug Crime Defense Cases

If you are awaiting trial for a drug possession or drug trafficking crime, the support of an experienced criminal defense attorney is essential.

With more than 40-plus years of combined experience, the lawyers of the Hansen & Miller Law Firm in Santa Rosa can call on their extensive experience and accumulated legal knowledge to stand up for you and protect your constitutional rights.

Monte L. Hansen is a former Sonoma County deputy district attorney and former U.S. Marine who never backs down from a challenge. Roy E. Miller is a former Lake County prosecutor with extensive experience in prosecuting and providing criminal defense in drug-related cases.

Together, they cover every base: investigation (by detectives we retain on your behalf), negotiation, a thorough review of police procedures, and persuasive presentation of your case to a judge and jury. We are a full-service drug crime defense team, devoted to protecting your freedom.

A drug crime conviction could mean serving several years of your life in prison. Do all that you can to avoid these harsh penalties by contacting the Hansen & Miller Law Firm. Call us today at 707-575-1040. We assist clients from throughout Sonoma County, Napa County, Mendocino County, Marin County or Lake County in California. We also defend federal drug cases in the United States District Court.

If You Were Arrested For A Drug Crime, The Hansen & Miller Law Firm Can Help

Our skilled drug crime defense attorneys can work to protect your rights when you are charged with:

  • Drug possession — marijuana, cocaine, heroin, illegally obtained prescription drugs
  • Drug trafficking
  • Drug manufacture — methamphetamine
  • Drug cultivation
  • Drug importation
  • Drug delivery and sale — party drugs (Ecstasy)
  • Drug crimes on campus (Sonoma State University)

We are very familiar with the wide variety of drug-related statutes, including our own state’s “three strikes” law. We understand the roles that drug informants and improperly executed search warrants can play and we always look carefully for any sign of illegal search and seizure by law enforcement.

You could be facing years in jail, heavy fines and a criminal record. You need drug crime defense lawyers who think like prosecutors, investigate thoroughly, and explore every avenue toward reaching the best possible outcome for you.

We Are Available To Take Your Call

Contact us to arrange a free initial consultation. We can come to a police station, jail cell, home or office — wherever is needed, if you are unable to visit us. Spanish language translation is available.