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Verdicts & Settlements

Criminal Defense Results:

Client charged with premeditated murder
Result: After a lengthy jury trial, our client was acquitted by the jury of the murder charge and is now free!

Client charged with child molestation, facing lifetime sex offender registration and one year jail
Result: Acquittal by a jury at trial

Client charged with possession of drugs
Result: His case was dismissed by a judge after we filed a motion to suppress evidence based on an illegal police search.

Client charged with battery
Result: Trial resulted in an acquittal by the jury

Client charged with first-degree murder, facing 25 to life in prison
Result: Acquittal by jury of murder, client now free.

Client charge with felony DUI with injury, facing three years state prison
Result: Case dismissed following mistrial

Client charged with DUI with multiple prior convictions, facing three years state prison
Result: Residential treatment program and probation

Client charged with drug cultivation and weapons possession, facing four years state prison
Result: Probation with house arrest

Client charged with battery, facing six months jail
Result: Acquittal by a jury at trial

Client charged with fraud, facing three years state prison and over $400,000 in restitution
Result: Case dismissed for violation of client’s right to a speedy trial

Client charged with drug transportation, facing four years state prison
Result: Evidence suppressed due to illegal conduct by police. Case dismissed.

Personal Injury Results:

Tens of millions of dollars recovered for clients injured as the result of auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, slip-and-fall cases, premises liability, and injuries clients suffer due to someone else’s negligence.

In many cases, clients are compensated through a process known as mediation, which avoids the stress of trial.

Wrongful Death of Father while children were in car
Settlement: $2,000,000

Client slipped and fell at public establishment; defense claimed she was elderly with degenerative knees
Settlement: $235,000

Motorcycle Collision resulting in knee surgery
Result: $750,000

Motor Vehicle Collision
Result: $200,000

Dog Bite: client was attacked by neighbor’s dog
Result: $1,000,000

Dog Bite: client bit in face by dog when visiting neighbor for dinner
Result: $100,000.00

Dog Case: client riding bicycle and dog on the loose caused him to flip over handlebars
Result: $210,00.00

Garbage truck backed over client
Result: $2,000,000

Note: These verdicts are not an indication of future results. Every case is different, and regardless of what friends, family, or other individuals may say about the outcome of a particular case, each case must be evaluated on its own facts and circumstances as they apply to the law. The evaluation of a case depends on the facts, the jurisdiction, the venue, the witnesses, the parties, and the testimony, among other factors.