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Why you should be aware of the dangers of nighttime driving

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

While it’s often unavoidable to stay off the road at night, there are some dangers that are more prevalent when the daylight vanishes.

Although the sunny days stick around longer in California, the sun sets earlier this time of year. So, staying off the road when it’s harder to see or there are more drunk or sleepy drivers out may save you from an accident.

Impaired drivers

Bars close later than many other establishments and parties often run late into the night. This means that anyone who didn’t plan a sober ride or makes alcohol-driven decisions might also be on the road with you if you choose to drive at night. Being on the road when someone may be straddling the center lane or unaware of the speed limit can lead to a serious or fatal crash.

Drowsiness sets in

Your circadian rhythm guides your sleep-wake cycle. And when you push your limits to stay up super late, you interrupt this cycle. According to a study, mice who missed out on necessary sleep were slower at thinking or impulsive in their behavior. An author who worked on the study said these findings may reveal what happens when people are low on sleep too. Essentially, it’s possible that your reaction time will be slower in response to hazards on the road if you ignore signs that your mind and body need rest.

Reduced visibility

Without the sunlight, driving can become a little trickier. According to the National Safety Council, your length of visibility and peripheral vision changes and it’s hard to recognize different colors. Plus, sometimes there are roads that simply don’t have the best lighting. When you can’t see who’s driving near you until they are super close, driving can become a dangerous situation in an instant.

If you or someone you know has collided with a reckless driver at any time of the day, then a legal expert can help seek compensation.