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Understanding your options when facing a criminal charge

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

Each year thousands of California residents face criminal charges. In these situations, arrestees and defendants oftentimes have more questions than answers. However, in order to craft the best possible criminal defense strategy, there usually is no time to lose.

Understand your options

Many people forget that an arrest is not the same as a conviction. Just because you were arrested and charged with a crime does not mean that you are automatically guilty of that crime. There is a high burden for law enforcement officers and prosecutors who are pushing your case to clear: establishing guilt “beyond a reasonable doubt.” For some people, attempting to raise that doubt in a bench or jury trial may be the best option.

However, undoubtedly our readers in California know that the vast majority of criminal cases do not go to trial. These days, most cases are either dismissed, directed to a diversion program or perhaps even end with a plea agreement. Each criminal case is unique, so the potential options in any given case can vary widely.

The right approach to criminal defense

At our law firm, we work with California residents who have been arrested and charged with a crime, and who are looking to understand how best to address such a serious legal issue. In many cases, a tough approach is just what our clients are looking for, and we do our best to get positive results for our clients. For more information about how we work to help California residents who are facing these challenging situations, please visit the criminal defense overview section of our law firm’s website.