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What do I do if I or my child have suffered a dog bite in California?

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2023 | Personal Injury |

Dogs love you unconditionally and they greet you when you come home as though you are the only person who matters to them in the entire world. They also provide wonderful companionship and they can calm you down if you feel anxious. If you live alone, they make you feel less lonely and they often give you an important purpose in your life, which is caring for them.

As many positive purposes as dogs serve and as many benefits as they have for you in your life, at their core, dogs are still wild animals, even if they have been domesticated for a very long time. If a dog feels challenged or threatened, they have the potential to turn on a person who is nearby and frighten and/or injure that person.

What happens if I sustain a dog bite?

Of all of the animals in the United States, the majority of the injuries by animals to humans are from dogs. Approximately five million people in the country are bitten by dogs annually. In many cases, dog bites are not serious or life-threatening. However, many of those bites may lead to infections and the person may very well require medical attention. The statistics for children are double what they are for adults when it comes to dog bites.

Considering how vulnerable children are to dog bites, it is essential to educate your child about how to remain safe around dogs. It is often difficult for children interacting with dogs because something can happen between them, which was not intended and then, all of a sudden, the child gets hurt as well as becoming afraid. That fear can last a very long time and it can truly be emotionally scarring.

How can I educate my child?

If your child will be around dogs, it is sensible to educate them so that they feel safe around dogs and so that they avoid being traumatized. Unfortunately, that trauma can follow them for the rest of their lives, which you certainly want to avoid.

There are many materials to help children understand how to be safe around dogs. Many of those materials are in the form of coloring and activity books so that the information is easy for children to understand.

Solid legal advice from a California personal injury attorney

If you or a loved one has been bitten by a dog, consulting a California personal injury attorney may really help your case. Your attorney can walk you through the process of filing a lawsuit so that you can pursue compensation for your injuries (or those of your loved one) so that you can cover your expenses and not have to worry.

It is important to protect your rights in such as situation and to make sure that you are awarded what you need and what you deserve so that you can get your life back on track and look forward to a normal, rewarding life in the future for you and for your loved ones.