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A defense is key for drivers facing a holiday DUI crackdown

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2023 | DUI |

Napa and Sonoma are among the busiest areas of California during the summer months. When there is a holiday like the recent July 4 celebration, it becomes even busier. Given the number of people who attend parties and other events, there is a good chance of alcohol consumption.

Law enforcement across the state is aware of the potential for dangers on the roads. With that, it initiated a crackdown of drivers who were under the influence from the start of the weekend right before the holiday right through the day itself. Drivers who were arrested and charged should be aware of their rights.

Law enforcement was on the lookout for DUIs and other road dangers

As the holiday weekend began, California Highway Patrol announced it would have a greater presence on the state highways looking for DUIs. It was set to last from Friday June 30 through July 4. In addition, they were on the lookout for other violations such as speeding and recklessness.

The July 4 holiday consistently has a high rate of DUI arrests. In 2022, there were almost 1,000 DUI arrests. Forty-four people lost their lives in collisions that were believed to have been linked to DUI. The number of arrests was comparable to 2021.

Keeping the roads safe is a priority, particularly during holidays when people have a higher likelihood of attending festivals, wine tastings and barbecues. Still, a DUI arrest does not necessarily mean the driver was legally drunk. Knowing how to combat the charges is critical.

DUI convictions can have long-term consequences

Often, people who have never been in any trouble with the law find themselves arrested for DUI. This makes it imperative to have assistance with navigating the process. Not only might there be a loss of driving privileges, costly fines and the possibility of incarceration, it can hinder a person’s professional and personal prospects.

When law enforcement is cracking down on DUIs, there is always a chance for overzealousness or missteps when conducting the investigation. Perhaps a driver appeared to be under the influence, but was not; there might have been errors with the testing procedure; or there could be other flaws or outright innocence. To avoid the worst-case scenario, it is useful to assess all the legal options and move forward.