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What to do if you get pulled over after drinking

After spending some time at the bar with friends, we have two options. We can either have someone else drive us home, like a friend, taxi, Uber or Lyft. Or, we can drive home ourselves, but even if one does not feel inebriated, the former is a much better options than...

Did your medical condition lead to DUI charges?

Allegations of drunk driving can be more severe than you think. That’s why you need to diligently work to build the strong criminal defense that you deserve. That’s oftentimes easier said than done, though, especially if your experience with the criminal justice...

Damages in a wrongful death action

When a loved one is suddenly taken away from them due to the negligence of another, it can be a challenging event for anyone to process. Therefore, it is important that one considers their options when it comes to filing a wrongful death action and understand the...

What is drug paraphernalia?

Being accused of committing a crime can be a scary proposition. Drug crimes, in particular, carry a stigma which can have long-term impacts on your employment and other areas of your life. What many people don’t realize is that you can be convicted of drug-related...